Chapter 2: My Red Elven great-grandmother

The Red Elven race had one of the most powerful and peculiar magic among the Old Races, they were also highly poisonous. Their existence had remained a secret for a long time that is until my great-grandfather, Vyper brought one with him home from one of his journeys. Here is what I discovered from my personal research of my ancestors: They are said to be the hunters of Faerie. With a speed, strength and longevity equal to the Full Blood Vampyres’, they were the most similar to the Vampyres when compared to the other Old Races (Demons, Elves, Lykae). They only fed from the blood energy of their preys and could only drink certain liquids. They were pure telepaths, their own telepathy being at a level superior to the Vampyre’s (though few Vampyres will admit it, so proud these people ^_^), their communication was only understood by their own race while they could intercept most of the telepathic communications issued by the other races and understand most of the non telepathic forms of communication such as the shifter’s and Lykae. Just like Vampyres, their eyesight was extremely precise and adapted to complete obscurity.

Rumor has it that only a very few had the gift of speech and that the weakest could only telepath to their own race. They rarely left any writings, preferring magically encrypted telepathic records. They lived in harmony with the nature far from the other Elven territories within the deepest forests of Faerie where the light was scarce. They are very discreet people who have mastered a quite unique Elven glamour. While White Elven glamour is renowned for embellishing and changing their figure and face, the Red Elf’s is hardly spoken of even though it is very powerful. Their glamour is used to hide their presence and scent making them close to invisible. I’d say that the nature of their powers is influenced by their very own nature: White Elves are prone to seducing and impressing (just a bunch of show-offs according to my mama) while the second prefer the hunt and the discretion.

Vampyres regretted losing an asset such as my grandmother because that was all she was. They never forgot, however that she was not a Full Blood although they chose to overlook that flaw since she was from a race considered older than the Vampyres and had quite useful magic skills. Other Vampyre hybrids were usually either eliminated or exiled (for those lucky enough to be spared) since they represented a liability to the Vampyres. Born of Humans or Shifters (the latter is extremely rare), they were not only weak compared to vampires (That is the term used for humans turned to vampirism), they were also unstable (great difficulties to control their emotions and thirst) and did not fit within the Vampyre hierarchy. Prior to my time no attempt at turning hybrids to vampires has ever succeeded let alone to a Full Blood. All known female hybrids were born sterile, while sterility was random for male hybrids. For some reason, fertile hybrids could only procreate with humans and on some rare occasions with hybrids’ progeny. That is also what made my father’s conception close to impossible.

It was speculated that my great-grandmother was not a pure blood Elf. Such assumption was considered very likely as she mentioned that she was at the end of her life at 267 (although many doubted that, she was too powerful and seemed to have seen too much for a 267 years-old, but what woman would admit her real age?). She also mentioned more than once that Red Elves had a similar lifespan as the Vampyre Royals’. Even if this assumption was true, that did not explain how my grandmother managed to have a blood bond and a child with a Vampyre Royal. Though Vampyres had a theory for that as well:

  • Royals were pureblood (well that was considered true until my father was born) and thus Lilith’s blood ran the strongest within their veins making them more susceptible to crossbreed.
  • The similarities between Red Elves and Vampyres. Vyper used to call the Red Elves the Vampyres of Faerie (The magically protected land where the Elfs and some high magical creatures live).

Of course, proud creatures that they are, they never even considered that the opposite could also be true:

  • Royals were Vampyre Hybrids’ descendants and that only Lilith’s blood gave them such power and longevity that they surpassed the pureblood while their non Vampyre side protected them from the full impact of the sunlight curse.
  • My great-grandmother was telling the truth or half of it anyway. She was a pureblood Red Elf. She was 267…dozen years… yes…Red Elves counted by cycle of 12 years. The same goes for the other Elven races and the Lykae. Only their cycle is shorter, 6 years for the first, 10 full moon cycles for the second. In this case, I understand how they could be misled. No Vampyre, save my great-grandfather Vyper, ever went inside Faerie and came back alive. According to a rumor, he has charmed his way in and out of Faerie. No Vampyre, save my great-grandfather Vyper, managed to have a conversation with a Lykae not that any Vampyre would have bothered. Lykae are classified in a Vampyre mind as “dangerous and vicious animals that only travel in groups, hunt with caution”.

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