Chapter 3: A Vampyre King’s heir

Vincente, born Lorenzo Marcello Daciano-Sanguere, came to the decision from the moment I burned him that I should claim the throne -the sooner the better-. Of course, the Vampyre council opposed the very idea. First of all my legitimacy was questioned. I was less than 40% Vampyre, I was also assumed to be at least 25% Human because my mother was thought to be an Elven Hybrid. What I was, however, was a fine mix of:

  • 37,5% Vampyre Royals’ blood (origin to be confirmed)
  • 37,5% White Elf royal family’s blood (may contain traces of Light Elf and Fey)
  • 12,5% Red Elf pureblood (quality extra premium)
  • 12,5% Green Elf pureblood (quality premium)

My father had followed in his grandfather’s footsteps, Vyper, and mated a woman from another race. After several attempts at conceiving an heir, he was presented with a woman whose scent seemed irresistible to Vincente as she had one of the finest blood he ever came across. It was not surprising since she was not a Human with elven blood contrary to what the Vampyres thought but one of the White Elven princesses of Faerie. I understand that my birthmother Shovana actually ran off with her human lover with whom she had several children. After her lover was slain, she found herself in the clutches of Dark Mages who drained most of her magic and then sold her off to the Vampyre King as a blood slave.

Lorenzo understood who she really was as soon as he had a taste of her blood. Have I mentioned that one of his other powers was to read the memories contained in the blood of those he drank from? No? My bad. Actually, this power combined with mind reading abilities that he had difficulties to shut off made Vincente dangerously unstable at times.

From the moment he discovered her true identity, Vincente decided that she would make the perfect wife and the perfect mother for his heir. Though, he preferred not to share the truth regarding her identity with anybody. He even misled other Vampyres by implying that she was the illegitimate hybrid daughter of a highborn White Elf (lies came so naturally to him). In order to convince his family to accept her, Lorenzo argued that her magic might help their race discover a cure to the sunlight allergy. After all, White Elves were known as “creatures of Sunlight” while Vampyres were “creatures of the Night”. Should they succeed in conceiving a child, the latter would very likely be immune to the sun curse. Despite not being totally convinced, the Council reluctantly agreed to let him proceed as he pleased and so he did. Vampyres have always been desperate to get rid of this weakness, so desperate in fact that they would try anything, except nothing ever worked before.

The result of Vincente’s gamble was not, however, what they had expected. Instead of finding the cure, they found the curse: me.


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