Chapter 4: Light Elf Hybrid

It took me a long time to discover what I really was. In seeking a way out of the curse and breeding with a creature of Sunlight, they managed to make a Light Elf Hybrid. According to the legend, Light Elves were the true guardians of Faerie’s Magic. Creatures of pure Magic and Sunlight, they are born without a corporal form. They are rumored to be immortals who only took form when Faerie was in danger. It is also said that they know no hunger, no thirst, fear, pain or sadness, their existence revolving around playing. They influence the magic of the land and the Elves. Most of all, they bring joy to the habitants of Faerie. They usually flee Dark Fae since the latter hold the only power that could destroy them for good. The funny part is that Dark Fae avoided them completely because –and here I am quoting my adoptive mother- “they are a pain in the ass who keep giggling and shining and know only how to annoy the hell out of us. For creatures like Dark Fae who feed from the fear, pain and darkness of others, getting near a Light Elf is pure torture. Dark Fae’s raison d’être is to torture others. You think they would want to get tortured? They ain’t that crazy”. My mama, she knows something about Dark Fae, since she is part Dark Fae. Though, I never understood that since the Dark Fae can’t make hybrids, they are either Dark Fae or not. But since mama says she is something more, I won’t argue with that. I am just happy that she agreed to adopt me despite her dislike of Vampyres (= Leeches) and Light Elves (= Pain in the ass).

From personal experience, I know that Light Elves’ power is lethal to Vampyres. One touch of a Light Elf could make the body of the most powerful Vampyres explode in seconds. So, I do not blame the Council for refusing my father’s request. Even back then, when I did not know what I was and I was just a baby, I understood how dangerous I was to my father so I tried to shut off the shining and I succeeded for a while. I even managed to shift to my bat form. That got the attention of the Council. I could see it in their mind: they could already picture me sneaking on them in my baby bat form before burning them to ashes. My father, on the other hand, was truly happy to finally have a bat to play with. He could already picture us flying together at night. I decided to impress all of them further and started tracing around: no need to sneak on someone when you can trace to them, no need to fly around when you can trace around. I was a baby but I understood that much. Lorenzo was all: “Look, my son is a genius”. You are so right.

All Vampyres adults can trace (instantly move from point A to B), the distance depending on the power level of the Vampyre. Few teenagers could do the same so having a newborn do it with ease…was surprising. That was not, however, the major problem. Vampyre can only trace to visible places. So, when I returned a few seconds after starting to trace with my uncle’s blood slave which I snatched from the human home he kept outside of Lilith Island, neither he or the other councilors were amused. Let me explain:

1/ No known Vampyre could teleport, not even Lilith was reported to have teleportation skills. So how the hell did I manage that? I did not know the answer then, now I know. Teleporting comes as naturally to Light Elves as breathing to Humans.

2/ Even worse, Lilith Island – the mainland of Vampyres – is protected by very powerful and old magic. All Vampyres thought that no one could teleport in and that not even Vampyes could trace directly to the Island. That is so not true. I happen to know many who could come in as they please. Some can even create portals linked to Lilith Island. They just don’t do it because they are not interested (from what my adoptive mama says: who would visit the leaches anyway? They got nothing but bad attitude I am telling you!).

3/ How did I manage to snatch the very blood slave that was originally destined as a gift for Vincente’s newborn? It was a tradition among Vampyres which my uncle just decided to forget after I displayed my first power. Not fair uncle! I obviously disagreed and hurried to snatch my gift before he truly “forgot”. There was that and also the fact that all that tracing made me hungry. Imagine my uncle’s surprise, if I could snatch his blood slave from his heavily guarded home under the very nose of his personal guards in a second. What else could I snatch if I wanted? I just imagine him trying to prosecute a baby for breaking into his home.

4/ How did I even know about that? That meant that my telepath uncle who was accustomed to shield his mind could not block baby me.

I had of course to rub my uncle’s nose in it (for the record, he wanted me dead since he was the heir at that time). Which is why I declared telepathically that the blood slave was his gift to me and showed them exactly where and how I took him. I did not want them to have the wrong impression: I was no thief. Just to make sure they understood, I tried my baby voice for the very first time: “Uncle’s gift to me. Thank you Uncle.” The message was conveyed: Yes, I am a polite baby… who can talk. I am also well aware of the existence of the ancient Vampyre language that only Royals and a few high born Vampyres learn. Just in case that idea crossed your mind to shield yourself from me.


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