Chapter 5: First meeting with Death

In order to convince Vincente to end me, the Council and my uncle in particular, argued that, in addition to being extremely dangerous, I seemed to have inherited very little from my Vampyre family’s side. They pointed out that and rightly so that:

1/ I did not like my father’s blood (all babies drink a little from their Vampyre parents when they are born, it is like breastfeeding for the humans).

Daddy’s answer: My boy is obviously a genius. Vampyres do not drink from their own kind, that is a given.

Little boy: Vampyres miam miam. (tut tut, I might not like your blood but the Vampyres better watch out if I ever get thirsty. Actually they smell tastier by the minute)

Daddy: …Maybe we should feed him fast…

2/ I did not like my mother’s blood. (all Vampyres were irresistibly attracted to White Elf’s blood.

Daddy’s answer: My boy is obviously loyal and generous. He knows better than to take his daddy’s treat.

Little boy: … (all yours, I happen to have standards just so you know)

Daddy: …

3/ I did not like animal’s blood (all babies drink vegetarian during the first weeks of their life).

Daddy’s answer: My boy is obviously born to be king. You cannot expect him to drink from animals.

Little boy: Lykae ok. Humans miam miam miam. Go fetch. (depends on the animal, those millions of Lykae I smell a few thousands miles away do seem okay to me. Though I would rather start with something tastier. Go get me a few hundred humans)

Daddy: Daddy will get you a Lykae for your coming of age. We’ll get you a nice and tasty girl just like your mommy.

Little boy: Petty dad. (I will start with that seven feet mage-soldier you have in your cellar, and then I will get me a few millions humans. My visit to the Lykae will have to wait. Heard their blood tastes better during the full moon. Better post an ad to adopt another parent. This one does not seem too reliable. I bet he will expect me to bring him food before I even stop crawling.)

Daddy: Pretty Dad? Just for that, we will get you two girls.

Little Boy: … (So conceited…and they say he is the best mind reader and the most intelligent Vampyre ever. Not very promising. I seriously need to consider adopting another parent.)

Having failed to convince my father to accept their request, the Council left Vincente with two choices:

  • Kill me.
  • Or be declared mad and abdicate the throne.

In the end, it was my non Vampyre mother who solved their problem by murdering me. So three days after I was born, I was killed by my mother Shovanna. Not that she benefited from it, since my full power turned against her and I ended up absorbing her right before I was sent to the land of Death.

Of that event, I remember very little. I think it is due to the trauma of dying, unless it is my killing Shovanna. I have been having the same nightmares for centuries. I keep seeing her sinking that dark dagger in my heart. I keep seeing her ethereal face and her pointy ears as she stabs me. Most people are attracted by White Elves: their ethereal features, their natural beauty and charm make them irresistible. As far as I am concerned, I avoid them completely, their features only remind me of her: they really scare me. I am ashamed to say that each time I run off to my Dark Fae mama. She always tells me: “Now Boya, don’t tell me you’re scared of those little useless show-offs? You’re much more powerful than them. Now what is an Elf who invades my home little boy? A dead Elf. No Elf can get in my home alive that is. You should have seen these scardy cats a few millennia ago when I showed them my Dark Fae side, they started running the other way except they were so scared that they kept tripping. Some started crawling away. Some could not even dare move. There were a few who fainted right away. A bunch of cowards, that is what they are. Hahaha”

All I remember after my mother killed me is my brief stay to the house of Death who was not really pleased to see me. Not that I was really pleased to see him either. I might have called him ugly bastard after he chose a few colorful words to describe me. Though I am not certain, my memory being a bit fuzzy. From what I understand, he was not pleased with Shovanna as she was supposed to send him my twin sister as a bride (Well…well…that was first news. The little bitch…Now I understand why I did no like her). Apparently, she had traded her daughter’s soul for her dead lover’s. She must have changed her mind and decided to keep my father and send me instead. That or she thought I would make a better a better bride. I truly do not know what was really going on in her head. All I know was that she was truly deranged and had that disturbing dark aura cloaking her. It was that dark power that prevented me from reading her mind and predicting her actions. I am not certain I would ever discover the truth behind what happened that day. By the time I arrived at Death, she was already gone and her soul slowly digested by my power.

Here I was a born to be king of the Vampyres only to end as Death’s bride.

“Not going to happen. I need to find a way out.” I thought to myself. No that I believed for one second, that Death would keep me as a bride. He was more likely to torture me. Still, it was best not to tempt the beast. I was criminally cute for a boy and he struck me as a pervert.

I managed to crawl away while he was occupied ordering someone to remove me from his sight. I remember falling into a dark and cold alley before being found by Jayr.


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