Chapter 6: Mama Jayr

Jayr: “What do we have here?”

Baby me: “Mama” I stretched my little arms for a hug. I was definitely in need of being comforted at the moment.

Jayr: “Do I look like a mama to you?”

Baby me: “Pretty mama” Flattery usually works. I stretched my little arms again.

Jayr: “Flattery ain’t get you anywhere. Stop shining. You’re hurting my eyes”

Baby me: *snif snif* “Death meanie, baby me dead” *snif snif*

Jayr: “Crying won’t get you anywhere either, you’re obviously not dead. You’re lost or something?”

Baby me: “Lost? Found pretty mama” I stretched my little arms yet again, hoping this time she will hug me.

Jayr: “You’re obviously not right in the head. Do you know who I am?”

Baby me: “Pretty mama. My mom killed baby me. Now she dead too. Baby me scared. Death meanie”

Jayr: “He can get on my bad side too sometimes.” A pause. “I will send you out now. Go find yourself a pretty mama”

Feeling rejected, I decided not to push. Jayr opened a passage and I soon found myself back to my world. I followed her advice and decided to look for an even better mama. Concentrating, I decided to search for her. Only, every time I saw the image of Jayr. I came to the conclusion very quickly that there wouldn’t be a better mama for me.

I started to ponder. “No wonder, she rejected me. Look at me. I am all dirty and disheveled. My clothes are torn and I smell of death. Had I been her I would have also rejected me. I must make myself presentable, I have some courting to do.”

Having come to this decision, I went back discretely to my former home, snatched some of the clothes my father had ordered made for me, a comb and some of my father’s body lotions. Then I bathed and managed to make myself presentable before going back to the passage opened by Jayr.

Jayr: “Oh, hell. You’re back. Did you get lost again?”

Baby me: “Looked for a better mama. Now back. Pretty mama best.” I said. I hope she noticed my efforts.

Jayr: “Look at you all pretty now. Found some clothes I see.” My hope went up. “I might just know the perfect babysitter for you. You’ll love him. He likes babysitting shiny things”

Baby me: “?”

Before I understood what was happening, Jayr grabbed me and here we were in front of a red haired person with Elven features.

Jayr: “Yo. Rayl. Long time no see. I got something for you” she said.

Rayl: “j—j—Jayr? Where have you been? You know it has been almost three millennia?”

“So her name is Jayr…” I thought.

Jayr: “Been in the Abymes. Must have lost track of time. This” –she pointed at me- “kind of dropped there. He is looking for a caretaker. Since I am no babysitter, I thought about you.”

Rayl:”I am no babysitter either.”

Jayr: “What? You love his kind. Look at his shiny hair.” Then, she turned to me and said: “Say something nice to my bro here.”

Baby me: “Fatty.” To Jayr “He is not going to eat me is he?” I saw smoke rising from Rayl’s head. Interesting, Fatty had a temper? Or, maybe it is the red hair.

Jayr: “F-Fatty?” She started laughing.

“I am making her laugh. That is a good start.” I thought.

Rayl: “Get me this thing out of here”

Jayr: “Come on Fatty…I mean Rayl… Where is your sense of humor? Try to get along. And Rayl? Don’t eat this one. Okay?” She said before flashing out.

“So I was right about the eating part.” I thought.

Rayl: “ Jayr. Wait. You just got here.”

Fatty and I were left on our own. We looked into each other’s eyes. I thought it was a pity I couldn’t read his mind, I could have learned things about mama (This one is like mama and Death, can’t read them at all).

His glare was meaningful, though. I did not need to be a mind reader to understand that he did not want me here. I also understood that my first instinct about him being dangerous was right.

Baby me: “Bye. Bye” I said before following mama.

I had to come up with another plan to make Jayr agree to be my mama, but I first have to catch up with her.


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