Side story: the King of Faerie

According to my great-grandmother, Red Elves have their own queen and have never acknowledged the self-declared King of Faerie. Only the White Elves, which represented about 80% of the population, lived under the illusion that there is only one King of Faerie: their own king. Though there are three others:

  • The Red Elven Queen, who is by far the most powerful and oldest of the rulers (over three millennia old). Red Elves owe their name to their hair and eye color.
  • The Green Elven Queen, who had a very good relationship with the White Elven King. The latter had married one of her nieces (my grand-mother who was half White Elf half Green Elf). Green Elves are all fair-haired and are strict vegetarian. It is said that they can draw power from the nature. They live longer than the White Elves due to their healing powers.
  • The Black Elven King, who was never acknowledged by White Elves. Indeed, Black Elves did not possess any magic, they were nil (that is what someone who nullify magic is called) who had high physical abilities and great strength. They all had black hair and black eyes. White Elves often looked down on them because of their lack of magic and their appearance.

Contrary to Green and Red Elves who had clearly defined territories that they seldom left, many Black Elves lived among White Elves. Over the time, their homeland changed several times due to the interference and sometimes oppression of White Elves. Nowadays, the majority lived in the magic sink land of Faerie. According to the Elves, the magic sink mysteriously appeared one day in the land of magic Faerie. How did it come to be? Nobody seemed to know. Only a few do know the truth. I am among those who know the story and I will gladly share it with you: With her black hair and pointed ears, my adoptive mother was always thought to be a Black Elf. It suited her just fine since she was particularly fond of their wine and so she used to go quite often for a drink in the Black Elven territories. Apparently, some highborn White Elves who had taken residence there insulted her once too many. She decided to punish them by denying them access to any form of magic within those lands. Since it had become too bothersome over time to punish each of them, she simply denied the magic of all the Black Elf territories where she liked strolling. To make sure that they could not escape their punishment, she compelled them to stay within those territories until they died. That is how Black Elves came to have a stable territory that escaped the control of the White Elves. White Elves thought that they had a magic sink within Faerie, what they did not understand was that magic was not sank but solely denied. My mama’s denial skills worked with even the most powerful beings leaving them powerless and contrary to a magic sink, her little magic denial cannot be reversed. Trust me I tried. She was like: “tut tut Boy-a. You are grounded.” She was still a softhearted woman who often lifted my punishment early -after I begged, cried and charmed my way back into her good graces that is-. I guess those guys never apologized properly not that I think they could have, mama usually compelled them to forget her very existence.

The Original King of Faerie was one of the descendants of the Fey (a race far older and more powerful than the Elves) who created Faerie. It was agreed that only an Elf (with over 50% of Elven Blood) who had:

  • the strength of a Black Elf,
  • the speed and longevity of a Red Elf,
  • the protection skills of Green Elves
  • and who could master at least some of the magic spells of the Original King of Faerie,

could claim the title of King of Faerie. From what I understand, Elves never managed to find someone who fitted all criteria. Since Faerie had to be represented to the outside world as a united land, the White Elven King had taken that role. As a result, the outside world ignores the very existence of the other king and queens of Faerie, they even ignore the existence of Green and Red Elves.

That is said, I believe I could have fitted all criteria to be the King of Faerie. In fact, I did fit all criteria save an implicit one “little bloodsuckers need not apply”. Maybe, that is the reason my Elven grandfather condemned me to death and in doing so condemned his whole bloodline to extinction. That is another story to tell.


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