Chapter 1-7

Chapter 1: Introduction

My name is Neiryn (Neil for short). So was the name that my adoptive parent gave me over 14 centuries ago. Neiryn means ´surrounded by light’ which is quite ironical since my kind burns when exposed to the sun. According to the legend, my father’s race (the Vampyres) inherited the curse of their maker Lilith which made her lose most of her powers during the day. When Lilith was betrayed and killed by one of her progeny, the full impact of the curse was borne by the survivors. Vampyres’ skin started to burn when exposed to sunlight. The weaker the Vampyre the faster they burned. At least, that was true until my father was born.

Over the last millennia, my family liked to aggravate people. My father, Vincente, was no exception since he was the exception to the rule. By far the most powerful Vampyre King that ever existed since Lilith’s reign, he was also the weakest of all against sunlight. Thankfully, he regenerated much faster than any other Vampyre and also had some very useful powers. Otherwise, he would not have survived for 8 centuries as the Vampyre King. That is until the day I was born and I accidentally burned him.

As I said before, we Daciano-Sanguere – that is my family’s name- like to aggravate those who surround us. Just like my father before me, I was no exception yet I was the Exception. I did not burn at the sunlight. Instead I burned Vampyres with my sunlight shield (yes I have one, pretty cool ha?!). One touch, and burn baby burn… Not that, Vampyres were the cuddling kind but still it was a problem. The worse issue was that I did not need a touch to burn them. I seemed to start shining each time I was happy which happened a lot and ended up with many sunburned Vampyres. Not that they did anything to please me (I would not say that listening to them plan my death made me really happy). Still, seeing them burn seemed to make me shine with joy (naughty boy). I am not certain whether it was the burning or just seeing them run about trying to put out the flames that made me laugh.

I know what you think: I was truly my kind’s curse.

Please, don’t judge me too fast. I was just a two days old baby back then. T__T

For the record, my father did not hold a grudge over the burning. Well at least, he was still alive contrary to his own birthmother and so was my twin sister. You must understand that the Royals of the Vampyre race all have some very interesting and lethal powers. One of Vincente’s primary powers was poison. He managed to poison to death both his mother and his twin sister before he was even born and then extracted himself from his dead mother’s body in a small bat form. Shape shifting, as you might have guessed, was his second power. His third gift manifested a few minutes after he was born when he telepathed the other Vampyres present in the room that he was thirsty which – he also happened to mention – was not surprising since he was not only born prematurely but he also had to deliver his own very sweet self as his mother was too weak to carry him to term.

Ironically, and believe me, my family knows something about irony. His mother was supposed to be immune to most poisons. Another matter that gave the Vampyres pause was that the only known bat shifters were Lilith and her daughter Layla who were both slain by their family. Their death plunged the Vampyre kingdom into chaos and was rumored to be the reason of the downfall of the Vampyre race. Add to that, Vincente was born with the Sanguere eyes (blood red) which were the trademark of the original Royals. Such eyes manifested in very few Royals, and only when they were reaching their maximum power level. To have someone born with them was very unlikely. Due to these elements, my father, who was not supposed to be acknowledged as a potential heir to the kingdom having been born to a half-blood mother, became automatically the next in line for the throne. The Vampyre Council considered that he could only be a true descendant of Lilith. His own mother was also acknowledged as the only Vampyre-Red Elf hybrid ever made and deeply mourned. To be precise, her magic was mourned.

Chapter 2: My Red Elven great-grandmother

The Red Elven race had one of the most powerful and peculiar magic among the Old Races, they were also highly poisonous. Their existence had remained a secret for a long time that is until my great-grandfather, Vyper brought one with him home from one of his journeys. Here is what I discovered from my personal research of my ancestors: They are said to be the hunters of Faerie. With a speed, strength and longevity equal to the Full Blood Vampyres’, they were the most similar to the Vampyres when compared to the other Old Races (Demons, Elves, Lykae). They only fed from the blood energy of their preys and could only drink certain liquids. They were pure telepaths, their own telepathy being at a level superior to the Vampyre’s (though few Vampyres will admit it, so proud these people ^_^), their communication was only understood by their own race while they could intercept most of the telepathic communications issued by the other races and understand most of the non telepathic forms of communication such as the shifter’s and Lykae. Just like Vampyres, their eyesight was extremely precise and adapted to complete obscurity.

Rumor has it that only a very few had the gift of speech and that the weakest could only telepath to their own race. They rarely left any writings, preferring magically encrypted telepathic records. They lived in harmony with the nature far from the other Elven territories within the deepest forests of Faerie where the light was scarce. They are very discreet people who have mastered a quite unique Elven glamour. While White Elven glamour is renowned for embellishing and changing their figure and face, the Red Elf’s is hardly spoken of even though it is very powerful. Their glamour is used to hide their presence and scent making them close to invisible. I’d say that the nature of their powers is influenced by their very own nature: White Elves are prone to seducing and impressing (just a bunch of show-offs according to my mama) while the second prefer the hunt and the discretion.

Vampyres regretted losing an asset such as my grandmother because that was all she was. They never forgot, however that she was not a Full Blood although they chose to overlook that flaw since she was from a race considered older than the Vampyres and had quite useful magic skills. Other Vampyre hybrids were usually either eliminated or exiled (for those lucky enough to be spared) since they represented a liability to the Vampyres. Born of Humans or Shifters (the latter is extremely rare), they were not only weak compared to vampires (That is the term used for humans turned to vampirism), they were also unstable (great difficulties to control their emotions and thirst) and did not fit within the Vampyre hierarchy. Prior to my time no attempt at turning hybrids to vampires has ever succeeded let alone to a Full Blood. All known female hybrids were born sterile, while sterility was random for male hybrids. For some reason, fertile hybrids could only procreate with humans and on some rare occasions with hybrids’ progeny. That is also what made my father’s conception close to impossible.

It was speculated that my great-grandmother was not a pure blood Elf. Such assumption was considered very likely as she mentioned that she was at the end of her life at 267 (although many doubted that, she was too powerful and seemed to have seen too much for a 267 years-old, but what woman would admit her real age?). She also mentioned more than once that Red Elves had a similar lifespan as the Vampyre Royals’. Even if this assumption was true, that did not explain how my grandmother managed to have a blood bond and a child with a Vampyre Royal. Though Vampyres had a theory for that as well:

  • Royals were pureblood (well that was considered true until my father was born) and thus Lilith’s blood ran the strongest within their veins making them more susceptible to crossbreed.
  • The similarities between Red Elves and Vampyres. Vyper used to call the Red Elves the Vampyres of Faerie (The magically protected land where the Elfs and some high magical creatures live).

Of course, proud creatures that they are, they never even considered that the opposite could also be true:

  • Royals were Vampyre Hybrids’ descendants and that only Lilith’s blood gave them such power and longevity that they surpassed the pureblood while their non Vampyre side protected them from the full impact of the sunlight curse.
  • My great-grandmother was telling the truth or half of it anyway. She was a pureblood Red Elf. She was 267…dozen years… yes…Red Elves counted by cycle of 12 years. The same goes for the other Elven races and the Lykae. Only their cycle is shorter, 6 years for the first, 10 full moon cycles for the second. In this case, I understand how they could be misled. No Vampyre, save my great-grandfather Vyper, ever went inside Faerie and came back alive. According to a rumor, he has charmed his way in and out of Faerie. No Vampyre, save my great-grandfather Vyper, managed to have a conversation with a Lykae not that any Vampyre would have bothered. Lykae are classified in a Vampyre mind as “dangerous and vicious animals that only travel in groups, hunt with caution”.

Chapter 3: A Vampyre King’s heir

Vincente, born Lorenzo Marcello Daciano-Sanguere, came to the decision from the moment I burned him that I should claim the throne -the sooner the better-. Of course, the Vampyre council opposed the very idea. First of all my legitimacy was questioned. I was less than 40% Vampyre, I was also assumed to be at least 25% Human because my mother was thought to be an Elven Hybrid. What I was, however, was a fine mix of:

  • 37,5% Vampyre Royals’ blood (origin to be confirmed)
  • 37,5% White Elf royal family’s blood (may contain traces of Light Elf and Fey)
  • 12,5% Red Elf pureblood (quality extra premium)
  • 12,5% Green Elf pureblood (quality premium)

My father had followed in his grandfather’s footsteps, Vyper, and mated a woman from another race. After several attempts at conceiving an heir, he was presented with a woman whose scent seemed irresistible to Vincente as she had one of the finest blood he ever came across. It was not surprising since she was not a Human with elven blood contrary to what the Vampyres thought but one of the White Elven princesses of Faerie. I understand that my birthmother Shovana actually ran off with her human lover with whom she had several children. After her lover was slain, she found herself in the clutches of Dark Mages who drained most of her magic and then sold her off to the Vampyre King as a blood slave.

Lorenzo understood who she really was as soon as he had a taste of her blood. Have I mentioned that one of his other powers was to read the memories contained in the blood of those he drank from? No? My bad. Actually, this power combined with mind reading abilities that he had difficulties to shut off made Vincente dangerously unstable at times.

From the moment he discovered her true identity, Vincente decided that she would make the perfect wife and the perfect mother for his heir. Though, he preferred not to share the truth regarding her identity with anybody. He misled other Vampyres by implying that she was the illegitimate hybrid daughter of a highborn White Elf. In order to convince his family to accept her, Lorenzo argued that her magic might help their race discover a cure to the sunlight allergy. After all, White Elves were known as “creatures of Sunlight” while Vampyres were “creatures of the Night”. Should they succeed in conceiving a child, the latter would very likely be immune to the sun curse. Despite not being totally convinced, the Council reluctantly agreed to let him proceed as he pleased and so he did. Vampyres have always been desperate to get rid of this weakness, so desperate in fact that they would try anything, except nothing ever worked before.

The result of Vincente’s gamble was not, however, what they had expected. Instead of finding the cure, they found the curse: me.

Chapter 4: Light Elf Hybrid

It took me a long time to discover what I really was. In seeking a way out of the curse and breeding with a creature of Sunlight, they managed to make a Light Elf Hybrid. According to the legend, Light Elves were the true guardians of Faerie’s Magic. Creatures of pure Magic and Sunlight, they are born without a corporal form. They are rumored to be immortals who only took form when Faerie was in danger. It is also said that they know no hunger, no thirst, fear, pain or sadness, their existence revolving around playing. They influence the magic of the land and the Elves. Most of all, they bring joy to the habitants of Faerie. They usually flee Dark Fae since the latter hold the only power that could destroy them for good. The funny part is that Dark Fae avoided them completely because –and here I am quoting my adoptive mother- “they are a pain in the ass who keep giggling and shining and know only how to annoy the hell out of us. For creatures like Dark Fae who feed from the fear, pain and darkness of others, getting near a Light Elf is pure torture. Dark Fae’s raison d’être is to torture others. You think they would want to get tortured? They ain’t that crazy”. My mama, she knows something about Dark Fae, since she is part Dark Fae. Though, I never understood that since the Dark Fae can’t make hybrids, they are either Dark Fae or not. But since mama says she is something more, I won’t argue with that. I am just happy that she agreed to adopt me despite her dislike of Vampyres (= Leeches) and Light Elves (= Pain in the ass).

From personal experience, I know that Light Elves’ power is lethal to Vampyres. One touch of a Light Elf could make the body of the most powerful Vampyres explode in seconds. So, I do not blame the Council for refusing my father’s request. Even back then, when I did not know what I was and I was just a baby, I understood how dangerous I was to my father so I tried to shut off the shining and I succeeded for a while. I even managed to shift to my bat form. That got the attention of the Council. I could see it in their mind: they could already picture me sneaking on them in my baby bat form before burning them to ashes. My father, on the other hand, was truly happy to finally have a bat to play with. He could already picture us flying together at night. I decided to impress all of them further and started tracing around: no need to sneak on someone when you can trace to them, no need to fly around when you can trace around. I was a baby but I understood that much. Lorenzo was all: “Look, my son is a genius”. You are so right.

All Vampyres adults can trace (instantly move from point A to B), the distance depending on the power level of the Vampyre. Few teenagers could do the same so having a newborn do it with ease…was surprising. That was not, however, the major problem. Vampyre can only trace to visible places. So, when I returned a few seconds after starting to trace with my uncle’s blood slave which I snatched from the human home he kept outside of Lilith Island, neither he or the other councilors were amused. Let me explain:

1/ No known Vampyre could teleport, not even Lilith was reported to have teleportation skills. So how the hell did I manage that? I did not know the answer then, now I know. Teleporting comes as naturally to Light Elves as breathing to Humans.

2/ Even worse, Lilith Island – the mainland of Vampyres – is protected by very powerful and old magic. All Vampyres thought that no one could teleport in and that not even Vampyes could trace directly to the Island. That is so not true. I happen to know many who could come in as they please. Some can even create portals linked to Lilith Island. They just don’t do it because they are not interested (from what my adoptive mama says: who would visit the leaches anyway? They got nothing but bad attitude I am telling you!).

3/ How did I manage to snatch the very blood slave that was originally destined as a gift for Vincente’s newborn? It was a tradition among Vampyres which my uncle just decided to forget after I displayed my first power. Not fair uncle! I obviously disagreed and hurried to snatch my gift before he truly “forgot”. There was that and also the fact that all that tracing made me hungry. Imagine my uncle’s surprise, if I could snatch his blood slave from his heavily guarded home under the very nose of his personal guards in a second. What else could I snatch if I wanted? I just imagine him trying to prosecute a baby for breaking into his home.

4/ How did I even know about that? That meant that my telepath uncle who was accustomed to shield his mind could not block baby me.

I had of course to rub my uncle’s nose in it (for the record, he wanted me dead since he was the heir at that time). Which is why I declared telepathically that the blood slave was his gift to me and showed them exactly where and how I took him. I did not want them to have the wrong impression: I was no thief. Just to make sure they understood, I tried my baby voice for the very first time: “Uncle’s gift to me. Thank you Uncle.” The message was conveyed: Yes, I am a polite baby… who can talk. I am also well aware of the existence of the ancient Vampyre language that only Royals and a few high born Vampyres learn. Just in case that idea crossed your mind to shield yourself from me.

Chapter 5: First meeting with Death

In order to convince Vincente to end me, the Council and my uncle in particular, argued that, in addition to being extremely dangerous, I seemed to have inherited very little from my Vampyre family’s side. They pointed out that and rightly so that:

1/ I did not like my father’s blood (all babies drink a little from their Vampyre parents when they are born, it is like breastfeeding for the humans).

Daddy’s answer: My boy is obviously a genius. Vampyres do not drink from their own kind, that is a given.

Little boy: Vampyres miam miam. (tut tut, I might not like your blood but the Vampyres better watch out if I ever get thirsty. Actually they smell tastier by the minute)

Daddy: …Maybe we should feed him fast…

2/ I did not like my mother’s blood. (all Vampyres were irresistibly attracted to White Elf’s blood.

Daddy’s answer: My boy is obviously loyal and generous. He knows better than to take his daddy’s treat.

Little boy: … (all yours, I happen to have standards just so you know)

Daddy: …

3/ I did not like animal’s blood (all babies drink vegetarian during the first weeks of their life).

Daddy’s answer: My boy is obviously born to be king. You cannot expect him to drink from animals.

Little boy: Lykae ok. Humans miam miam miam. Go fetch. (depends on the animal, those millions of Lykae I smell a few thousands miles away do seem okay to me. Though I would rather start with something tastier. Go get me a few hundred humans)

Daddy: Daddy will get you a Lykae for your coming of age. We’ll get you a nice and tasty girl just like your mommy.

Little boy: Petty dad. (I will start with that seven feet mage-soldier you have in your cellar, and then I will get me a few millions humans. My visit to the Lykae will have to wait. Heard their blood tastes better during the full moon. Better post an ad to adopt another parent. This one does not seem too reliable. I bet he will expect me to bring him food before I even stop crawling.)

Daddy: Pretty Dad? Just for that, we will get you two girls.

Little Boy: … (So conceited…and they say he is the best mind reader and the most intelligent Vampyre ever. Not very promising. I seriously need to consider adopting another parent.)

Having failed to convince my father to accept their request, the Council left Vincente with two choices:

  • Kill me.
  • Or be declared mad and abdicate the throne.

In the end, it was my non Vampyre mother who solved their problem by murdering me. So three days after I was born, I was killed by my mother Shovanna. Not that she benefited from it, since my full power turned against her and I ended up absorbing her right before I was sent to the land of Death.

Of that event, I remember very little. I think it is due to the trauma of dying, unless it is my killing Shovanna. I have been having the same nightmares for centuries. I keep seeing her sinking that dark dagger in my heart. I keep seeing her ethereal face and her pointy ears as she stabs me. Most people are attracted by White Elves: their ethereal features, their natural beauty and charm make them irresistible. As far as I am concerned, I avoid them completely, their features only remind me of her: they really scare me. I am ashamed to say that each time I run off to my Dark Fae mama. She always tells me: “Now Boya, don’t tell me you’re scared of those little useless show-offs? You’re much more powerful than them. Now what is an Elf who invades my home little boy? A dead Elf. No Elf can get in my home alive that is. You should have seen these scardy cats a few millennia ago when I showed them my Dark Fae side, they started running the other way except they were so scared that they kept tripping. Some started crawling away. Some could not even dare move. There were a few who fainted right away. A bunch of cowards, that is what they are. Hahaha”

All I remember after my mother killed me is my brief stay to the house of Death who was not really pleased to see me. Not that I was really pleased to see him either. I might have called him ugly bastard after he chose a few colorful words to describe me. Though I am not certain, my memory being a bit fuzzy. From what I understand, he was not pleased with Shovanna as she was supposed to send him my twin sister as a bride (Well…well…that was first news. The little bitch…Now I understand why I did no like her). Apparently, she had traded her daughter’s soul for her dead lover’s. She must have changed her mind and decided to keep my father and send me instead. That or she thought I would make a better a better bride. I truly do not know what was really going on in her head. All I know was that she was truly deranged and had that disturbing dark aura cloaking her. It was that dark power that prevented me from reading her mind and predicting her actions. I am not certain I would ever discover the truth behind what happened that day. By the time I arrived at Death, she was already gone and her soul slowly digested by my power.

Here I was a born to be king of the Vampyres only to end as Death’s bride.

“Not going to happen. I need to find a way out.” I thought to myself. No that I believed for one second, that Death would keep me as a bride. He was more likely to torture me. Still, it was best not to tempt the beast. I was criminally cute for a boy and he struck me as a pervert.

I managed to crawl away while he was occupied ordering someone to remove me from his sight. I remember falling into a dark and cold alley before being found by Jayr.

Chapter 6: Mama Jayr

Jayr: “What do we have here?”

Baby me: “Mama” I stretched my little arms for a hug. I was definitely in need of being comforted at the moment.

Jayr: “Do I look like a mama to you?”

Baby me: “Pretty mama” Flattery usually works. I stretched my little arms again.

Jayr: “Flattery ain’t get you anywhere. Stop shining. You’re hurting my eyes”

Baby me: *snif snif* “Death meanie, baby me dead” *snif snif*

Jayr: “Crying won’t get you anywhere either, you’re obviously not dead. You’re lost or something?”

Baby me: “Lost? Found pretty mama” I stretched my little arms yet again, hoping this time she will hug me.

Jayr: “You’re obviously not right in the head. Do you know who I am?”

Baby me: “Pretty mama. My mom killed baby me. Now she dead too. Baby me scared. Death meanie”

Jayr: “He can get on my bad side too sometimes.” A pause. “I will send you out now. Go find yourself a pretty mama”

Feeling rejected, I decided not to push. Jayr opened a passage and I soon found myself back to my world. I followed her advice and decided to look for an even better mama. Concentrating, I decided to search for her. Only, every time I saw the image of Jayr. I came to the conclusion very quickly that there wouldn’t be a better mama for me.

I started to ponder. “No wonder, she rejected me. Look at me. I am all dirty and disheveled. My clothes are torn and I smell of death. Had I been her I would have also rejected me. I must make myself presentable, I have some courting to do.”

Having come to this decision, I went back discretely to my former home, snatched some of the clothes my father had ordered made for me, a comb and some of my father’s body lotions. Then I bathed and managed to make myself presentable before going back to the passage opened by Jayr.

Jayr: “Oh, hell. You’re back. Did you get lost again?”

Baby me: “Looked for a better mama. Now back. Pretty mama best.” I said. I hope she noticed my efforts.

Jayr: “Look at you all pretty now. Found some clothes I see.” My hope went up. “I might just know the perfect babysitter for you. You’ll love him. He likes babysitting shiny things”

Baby me: “?”

Before I understood what was happening, Jayr grabbed me and here we were in front of a red haired person with Elven features.

Jayr: “Yo. Rayl. Long time no see. I got something for you” she said.

Rayl: “j—j—Jayr? Where have you been? You know it has been almost three millennia?”

“So her name is Jayr…” I thought.

Jayr: “Been in the Abymes. Must have lost track of time. This” –she pointed at me- “kind of dropped there. He is looking for a caretaker. Since I am no babysitter, I thought about you.”

Rayl:”I am no babysitter either.”

Jayr: “What? You love his kind. Look at his shiny hair.” Then, she turned to me and said: “Say something nice to my bro here.”

Baby me: “Fatty.” To Jayr “He is not going to eat me is he?” I saw smoke rising from Rayl’s head. Interesting, Fatty had a temper? Or, maybe it is the red hair.

Jayr: “F-Fatty?” She started laughing.

“I am making her laugh. That is a good start.” I thought.

Rayl: “Get me this thing out of here”

Jayr: “Come on Fatty…I mean Rayl… Where is your sense of humor? Try to get along. And Rayl? Don’t eat this one. Okay?” She said before flashing out.

“So I was right about the eating part.” I thought.

Rayl: “ Jayr. Wait. You just got here.”

Fatty and I were left on our own. We looked into each other’s eyes. I thought it was a pity I couldn’t read his mind, I could have learned things about mama (This one is like mama and Death, can’t read them at all).

His glare was meaningful, though. I did not need to be a mind reader to understand that he did not want me here. I also understood that my first instinct about him being dangerous was right.

Baby me: “Bye. Bye” I said before following mama.

I had to come up with another plan to make Jayr agree to be my mama, but I first have to catch up with her.



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